April is here, and we can feel the scorching summer heat. It’s that time of the year when our body craves some hydration and all we want to do is to have cold drinks by the gallon. The market is full with flashy ads and mouth watering photographs of cold drinks. But this summer let’s choose the home made drinks having tale of centuries.

Our traditional chillers have a long history. We all have special family recipes for these drinks with some individual touch. Each of them has a peculiar story, and special childhood memories associated with it. Just like India’s diversity, India can offer a diversity of chillers from each region. These Drinks are made from locally available fruits, herbs which are not just tasty but have tremendous health benefits.

6 summer drinks that will help you to beat the heat

1. Shikanji
2. Mango panha
3. Bel ka sharbat
4. Kokam
5. Neer Mor
6. Panakam


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